The Micham Story

I began my career in the construction industry in 1962 working primarily on residential projects before going to work for a large builder who specialized in commercial and industrial construction. During these years, I acquired the skills and knowledge to build the correct way, and I am thankful for that opportunity.

The Early Days

In 1973, I received my personal Class B General Contractors license and began residential construction before moving on to commercial projects. In September 1976, I became incorporated and started doing business as Oral E. Micham, Inc. Since that time our company has successfully built a large variety of projects including wineries, automobile dealerships, schools, financial institutions, professional office buildings, restaurants, and industrial facilities. We have worked for County and State Agencies, as well as numerous projects for the private sector. It was in the early 1980s that I decided to hang up my tool belt and move from the construction site to the office to direct my attention towards the administration of operating a large business.

Expanding Our Services

We have always performed the majority of concrete, rough carpentry and finish carpentry on our projects with our own crews; you might say I’m still a traditional old-school style of contractor. In February of 2008, I got my Concrete license (C-8) so that I could bid the concrete work on the multi-prime bid packages.

Loyal Employees, Hard Work, and the Future

I have been fortunate always to have highly qualified people to supervise projects. In fact, most of my superintendents have been with me since early in their careers.

Learning the business by working my way up through the trades has provided me the ability to lead and run a successful construction company. I am very proud of my accomplishments, yet I never lose sight of the goal to make Oral E. Micham, Inc. better each and every day. Success comes from being honest and working hard. These values continue to provide the foundation of our successful business.

Today, I am still active with the company, and as President, I am hands on with all the major decisions. However, in 2009, I turned the daily operations over to my nephew Steve Tindle, who is now Vice President of Oral E. Micham, Inc. It is exciting to see the business continue to the next generation. With Steve’s work ethic and dedication, we believe that the best is yet to come for Oral E. Micham, Inc.

We look forward to doing business with you.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please call (559) 564-5010.