Our Team

Oral E. Micham – President/Founder

oral-e-michamOral E. Micham was established in 1973 by Oral E. Micham, starting out as a small construction company doing mostly residential remodels, new homes and commercial projects. Oral E. Micham was later incorporated in 1976 when he started doing all commercial projects. Orals’ old school values and insistence that each and every client be served with honesty and integrity along with providing them with the highest quality of craftsmanship possible. These values have helped make Oral E. Micham, Inc. a leader in the construction industry here in the Central Valley and has provided us with many successful projects with multiple return customers. Orals’ commitment to providing each customer with the best possible service has been the foundation of our success and is the continued focus as Oral E. Micham, Inc. moves into the future.

Steve Tindle – Vice President/Project Manager/Chief Estimator

steve-tindleSteve has been in the construction industry for 40 years. The majority of his experience comes from public works with a focus on school construction and modernization projects. Steve’s extensive and strong working relationships with Architects, Engineers, Inspectors as well as City and State officials enables him to deliver quality and timely projects for his clients. Steve is hands on with every phase of the project starting with bidding, scheduling, project management and completion. Steve’s personal attention to detail ensures that your project is completed on time and within budget while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship possible. Steve’s experience has provided him with the ability to foresee potential problems and prevent costly delays. It is Steve’s broad knowledge of all aspects of construction combined with his “CAN DO” and “TEAM” approach that he has been able to help Oral E. Micham, Inc. rise to the top of the construction industry.

Jerry Riggins – Project Manager/Estimator

jerry-rigginsJerry Riggins has been with our team since 2003 starting out as a Project Superintendent overseeing new and modernization projects from start to finish. In 2013 Jerry was promoted to project Manager where his duties include overseeing and scheduling our field Superintendents and work forces. Jerry works very closely with the Owners and Architects to insure everything is on schedule and moving forward in a timely manner. Jerry attends all onsite meetings along with reviewing all project schedules, monthly billings and submittals. Jerry’s attention to detail and organizational skills are a tremendous asset to our team.

Adrianna Coronado – Contract Administrator/Bookkeeper

adrianna-coronadoAdrianna joined our team in 2007 and serves as our Contract Administrator handling submittals, closeouts, change order requests, RFI’s, subcontract change orders, schedule of values and contracts while handling secretarial duties that include bid solicitations, bid advertising and job site photography. Adrianna is also handling our accounting (AR/AP), certified payroll, payroll taxes, employee inquires, union reports and lien releases etc. and assists our Vice President/Estimator, Project Manager & Superintendents with paperwork when needed.

Zulmira “Zee” Cardoso – Assistant/Secretary

zulmira-zee-cardosoZee has been with Oral E. Micham, Inc. since August of 2000. Zee assists in projects submittals and personally oversees project closeout documents on all projects. Zee also serves as our Human Resources Officer and coordinates all of our pre-bid solicitations that include calling potential sub-contractors and supplies to insure all trades and materials are accounted for as completely as possible.

Amy Norman – Payroll

Amy joined our team in 2014 and serves as our payroll clerk. Amy’s duties consist of weekly payroll, certified payroll, subcontractor audits for payment release and uploading certified payroll to the DIR website.

Courteney Keller

Courteney joined our team in 2019 and serves as our Project Manager Assistant handling bid solicitation, plan review, plan posting, reviewing COR’s, RFI’s, submittals and labor compliance review.

Danielle Ward

Danielle joined our team in 2018 and serves as our Contract Administrator handling all COR’s, RFI’s and submittals. Danielle works closely with Jerry, Courteney, our Superintendents and Architects to make sure all paperwork is processed in a timely manner.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please call (559) 564-5010.